When I turned 21 some friends of mine organised a vote. They told everyone to choose a word that described me ‘most accurately’. A lot of words were chosen, but the winner by a longshot was the word ‘bubbly’ and, as my little brother would say I’m bubblier than a boiling pot of gluten-free pasta (it’s trendy to eat gluten-free, right?) 

Hi I’m Jess, and I do weddings… 


I’m now 31, have been in the industry for 10 years, and more than anything- I love making beautiful weddings.

With each wedding I love this role more and more, and I bring that expertise, professionalism and sense of calm into your big day. I love what I do, and every couple who invites me into their wedding day, giving me the honour of performing their ceremony as their celebrant is a privilege to say the least. I leave a little part of my heart at every ceremony.


The first wedding I ever performed was for two close friends of mine, and even though I had never performed one before, they entrusted me with their most special day.


This was such a memorable experience for me, and was when I fell in love with making weddings. Having been given the chance to perform a wedding for these two special people was such a privilege, and made me realise that I want to write ceremonies for people that are as memorable, honest and awesome as possible.

I believe this should be the part that is heartfelt and genuine. The part where people have tears in their eyes. The part that will stamp an impression for many years to come. 

If you’d like to work together to be a part of a wedding ceremony that is completely engaging, fun, beautiful & blissfully enjoyable, then you’ve come to the exact right place-welcome.


Best Celebrant Fun Melbourne Celebrant Weddings by Jess charming weddings. Marrying the beautiful Anthony and Lejla at the Stunning Coombe Estate in the Yarra Valley! Did you know Jess travels for weddings too? Get in touch to book her as your celebrant anywhere in Australia!