All About Jess

I'm Jess and I do weddings

When I turned 21 some friends of mine organised a vote. They told everyone to choose a word that described me ‘most accurately’. A lot of words were chosen, but the winner by a longshot was the word ‘bubbly’ and, as my little brother would say I’m bubblier than a boiling pot of gluten-free pasta (it’s trendy to eat gluten-free, right?)

Hi I’m Jess, and I do weddings…


I’m a 27 year old Melbourne city girl, and I love making weddings. Meeting with new people, hearing their stories, learning about their history, sharing coffees with them, and crafting this all into a meaningful and joyful ceremony is the absolute bees knees. The first wedding I ever performed was for two close friends of mine, and even though I had never performed one before, they entrusted me with their most special day. This was such a memorable experience for me, and was when I fell in love with making weddings. Having been given the chance to perform a wedding for these two special people was such a privilege, and made me realise that I want to write ceremonies for people that are as memorable, honest and awesome as possible.

I believe strongly in the sanctity of marriage, but also that the ceremony shouldn’t be the part where all the guests who are lucky enough to get a seat fall asleep up the front from boredom. I believe this should be the part that is heartfelt and genuine. The part where people have tears in their eyes. The part that will stamp an impression for many years to come.

If you’d like to work together to be a part of a wedding ceremony that is completely engaging, fun, beautiful & blissfully enjoyable, then you’ve come to the exact right place-welcome.



"Jess has many qualities that make her an excellent celebrant. Her bubbly personality, her faith and core beliefs, her commitment to helping people, her punctuality and reliability, her passion to go above and beyond, her personal intergrity, and her value of the institution of marriage."

- Jess Barcenas

"Our beautiful celebrant Jess was described as a ‘ray of light in the chapel’ Thanks for doing the most amazing job Jess"

- Danni Hore

>"After we announced our engagement, the next thing I immediately did was ask Jess to be our celebrant. I know her beaming, friendly personality and could not think of anyone better to marry us. Jessica has so many positive attributes, which she radiates effortlessly. She is confident and outgoing and has a warm and friendly character. People stop and listen when she speaks. She has a great presence and an inviting smile, which I believe is essential to being in this field. She worked closely with us to create our perfect ceremony. On the day all of our family and friends commented on what a delight Jess was."

- Sara Austin

"Jess is such a pleasure!! She is very professional, personable and helpful! Its such a breath of fresh air to work with a young talent celebrant who can even speak French!! Definitely recommend Jess!"

- Jane Lew, videographer at Wedding Movies.